A report from Nova Scotia’s ombudsman obtained by CBC News says public safety on the province’s highways may have been compromised.

The report relates to workplace issues at the weigh station on Highway 104 in Amherst, where in some cases supervisors overruled tickets issued by vehicle compliance officers.

The CBC report cites a number of negative findings by ombudsman Dwight Bishop.

Bishop wrote that the working atmosphere at the weigh station had led to lax behaviour by some employees. He wrote that some were “doing minimal work and not applying risk-management principles, potentially compromising public safety and staff health.”

Transportation Minister Bill Estabrooks told the CBC his department has received the report and he’s aware of the issues.

The CBC reports that during the investigation, safety officers made some startling admissions.

They admitted to picking new trucks with no inspection issues because they were quick and easy to deal with. They admitted to letting trucks with possible safety infractions go by.

The ombudsman found four cases where violation tickets were arbitrarily voided by managers.