Police are looking for a third suspect believed to be armed and dangerous after a shot was fired in a downtown high school Thursday.

Two people were taken into custody for questioning.

The students were locked in the school for three hours while police scoured the school. The students were released around 4:30 p.m. They were not allowed to go back to their lockers and were given access to the TTC for free to get home.

Toronto police spokesperson Tony Vella told reporters they didn’t know if the suspect was still inside Central Tech high school or if he left the premises.

But he assured all parents of students who had been locked down in the school that “public safety is our main concern. No one has been hurt.”

Central Tech principal Sheryl Freeman spoke at a media conference just as the students were about to be released.

She confirmed that at 1 p.m. there was a report of a shot fired. At the time, the students were getting ready for a Terry Fox run.

“The police came lickety-split,” Freeman said.

The school has 142 staff and 2,056 students, she added. “They are fantastic kids. This is not a comment on the student body.”

Students were let out of the school room by room, starting from the top floors, Freeman said.

There was no homework for students since they were not allowed to go to their lockers.

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