Three competing, politically recognizable tales of the financial crisis will emerge this week when a U.S. congressional panel finally concludes its 20-month investigation.

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has fractured along the same ideological fault lines that divide much of political Washington. Three reports will be issued by commission members on Thursday, each conforming with a familiar political slant.

The panel’s six Democrats will offer a report focused on the greed and power of Wall Street, a lack of effective regulation and the “shadow banking” system, said people familiar with the document.

Republican commission member Peter Wallison will offer his own dissenting report that largely blames the crisis on the housing policy of “big government.”

Three other Republican commission members will offer a separate account of the crisis. People familiar with it said it will downplay the banks’ culpability and clout to stress a confluence of global trends in tracing the origins of the crisis.

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