A harbour porpoise calf found in bad shape near Victoria last year has recovered, but will continue living at the Vancouver Aquarium because she didn’t develop the skills to survive in the wild.

The long-term goal for Daisy is to have her living with other harbour porpoises, but she’s the only one in a North American aquarium.

Clint Wright, senior vice-president of the Vancouver Aquarium, said she’ll live in the beluga tank for now.

“(She will have) the opportunity to eventually socialize with other marine mammals and to receive constant access to care from marine mammal staff,” Wright said.

Daisy was found on Aug. 26 at roughly one month of age, suffering from dehydration, emaciation and severe muscle damage. She was taken to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre where she was nursed back to health but failed to learn survival skills.

“She does not know where to find food, how to avoid predators or how to deal with other natural factors,” Wright said. “Simply put, she is not a suitable candidate for release.”

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