After rescuing a box turtle and sulcata tortoise from an owner who allegedly drilled holes through their shells, an Abbotsford man said he hopes justice will be served.

“When I got to the house ... the (turtle and tortoise) actually had holes drilled into their shells and handles installed on them,” said Mike Hopcraft yesterday.

Known as the Reptile Guy, Hopcraft rescues and cares for abandoned animals.

“I was so angry. They feel pain, so to drill into their shells would be like drilling into your head.”

Any act causing an animal pain, suffering or injures them can be considered cruelty.

After receiving a veterinary report detailing the reptiles’ injuries, the B.C. SPCA “will definitely be recommending charges in this case,” said Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations.

“The clear fact is it’s mutilation,” she added.

After recommendations are made, the Crown has up to six months to lay charges.