Four University of Ottawa researchers will share $120,000 in research funds from the Parkinson Society of Canada.

Dr. Juliana Tomlinson, Dr. Michael Schlossmacher, Dr. David Park and Dr. Mohammad Parsanejed will all get extra support for their ongoing research into the causes of the disease and ways to improve quality of life for those living with it.

An additional $45,000 has been awarded to Carleton University associate Prof. Shawn Hayley, and this year, the Parkinson Society will donate a total of $1.3 million to research in Canada.

“Ottawa is home to some of Canada’s leading Parkinson’s researchers,” said Parkinson Society Canada president Joyce Gordon.

“Each new biomarker, each new drug therapy, each new protein gets us closer to a better life for people with Parkinson’s.”

Ottawa volunteers also had good news. The Parkinson Society’s Ottawa chapter announced yesterday that this year’s Parkinson SuperWalk raised $147,906, exceeding its goal of $140,000.

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