Neighbours, business owners and police are celebrating the closure of the Windmill Bar and Grill at Millbourne Shopping Centre.

“The silence has been golden,” said Dave Eccelestone, whose wife manages the nearby Millbourne Mews townhouse complex, referring to evenings free of tire burn-outs, loud fights, car alarms and smashed glass.
“We’ll be able to sleep at night and open our windows.”

The city’s quasi-judicial standing committee heard from a parade of people who say that since the Mill Woods bar had its licence revoked on May 15, they’ve seen a positive difference in the neighbourhood.


George Broumas, co-owner of the pub, left in a frustrated hurry half-way through the hearing after getting his ten minutes to speak on his side of the appeal.

He said the “unfair process” had already caused him irreversible damage and he wasn’t concerned if the business got its licence back

“I’m not here to have my licence reinstated,” he said. “Injustice has already been done. It’s a beautiful day; I’m going to go enjoy it.”

He blamed other people for the problems in the area, from the mall owner, accusing him of planting bottles outside the Windmill, to Sgt. Gary Godziuk with the city police Public Safety Compliance, who Broumas said wasn’t honest in reports.

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