Man and brother stabbed, beaten in rough area

The stabbing death of a 35-year-old man yesterday has raised frustrations among residents of an east-end neighbourhood who say their Danforth Avenue and Pharmacy Road area has more than its share of crime.


Police tape cordoned off a block of streets around Denton Avenue, just north of the Danforth, for more than 12 hours as investigators looked for answers into Toronto’s 54th homicide this year and the beating of the Scarborough man’s 34-year-old brother.


Officers are searching for two suspects involved in the crime and are working on identifying a third.


For Diane Smillie and Frank Richard, yesterday’s road closures and police presence was an all-too familiar scene.

“I wish I could pick up my house and take it somewhere else,” Smillie, 64, says. “This doesn’t surprise me at all.”

Many residents say the parking lot, belonging to the Oakridge Community Centre, which is opposite Smillie’s bungalow, is a hangout for prostitutes. And there are a couple of rental properties in the area, quaint houses and neat gardens beside highrise buildings, that are known as local “crack houses,” several locals say.


  • Around 12:30 a.m. Det. Wayne Fowler says, a group of more than three men clashed with the brothers inside and outside of a Pharmacy Road home. The “altercation” spilled out into the street, leaving him bleeding from stab wounds and his brother severely beaten with an object.