A public hearing at city hall was packed to the rafters yesterday as angry residents voiced their opposition to a proposed high-speed transit line that would slice through their neighbourhood.


There was standing-room only in council chambers as the city’s transportation and public works committee heard dozens of residents argue that a bus rapid transit (BRT) line along Stony Plain Road would disrupt their community.


The proposed route would link Lewis Estates in the city’s west end to downtown through dedicated bus lanes, cutting straight through Glenora on 104 Ave.


Pam Wojcicki, president of the Glenora Community League, said she’s been a 20-year resident of the area and any kind of high-speed transit line is best suited elsewhere.


“We’d like (city council) to sit down and look at the big picture, look at where people are going, explore the options, and look at what would be common sense,” she told Metro yesterday.

Her remarks, presented to city councillors, were met with loud applause and cheers from residents sitting in the chamber gallery.

The proposed bus route overrides an earlier considered line farther north, along 107 Ave. City planners didn’t recommend that idea since it would displace a handful of commercial buildings and apartment complexes. Both options cut travel time by roughly three minutes for a half-hour trip.

Coun. Karen Leibovici, who represents a west end ward, said high-speed bus plans will upset residents no matter where they decide to make the route dart through the city.

“Wherever this is going to go, if it’s going to go anywhere, it’s going to disrupt a part of a community,” she said.


  • The concern residents are expressing is similar to what was voiced over the south LRT expansion.