Kadeem Hinch, 18, says it’s “scary” to know shootings are happening literally outside his front door.


“You’re finding bodies behind schools and there are shootings right across the street,” he said Monday from the doorway of his Halifax home at the corner of Creighton and Buddy Daye streets, where a man sustained several gun shot wounds Friday evening.


“I think (violent crime) is getting worse.”


Hinch was also referring to the murder of 36-year-old Tanya Jean Brooks, whose body was found May 11 in a window well outside of a Maitland Street school.


Resident David Baird, who was doing construction work on Creighton Street, said violence is nothing new in the area, but agreed it’s more frequent.

Halifax RCMP spokesman Cpl. Joe Taplin noted there have been high profile crimes lately, but said “it’s usually between people who are involved in this high risk lifestyle.”

Taplin said police are troubled crimes have been taking place in quiet communities, such as Preston and Fall River.

“Now all of a sudden bullets are being fired in residential areas … that’s really concerning to us.”

He said investigators are looking into whether or not a man who died a week after being shot in North Preston was just an innocent bystander.