The Paralympic opening ceremonies will not be broadcast live on Canadian television.

The CTV-led Olympic broadcast consortium, which had record-breaking viewership during the Olympic Games, told The Canadian Press they could not break contracts for other programming.

Instead, the ceremonies will air a day late, at 2 p.m. Saturday on CTV.

The consortium also includes TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, OMNI, OLN and APTN.

Instead of the Paralympic opening ceremonies, CTV will be airing their evening news, eTalk and Access Hollywood.

TSN will have Sportscentre and the Tim Hortons Briar, while Sportsnet Pacific will air NCAA basketball, Washington versus Oregon State.

OMNI will offer news in four different languages for the two-hour block. APTN will air In Focus, Fish Out of Water and Mixed Blessings.

The only people who will be able to watch the event are those who got tickets and people within Vancouver who can head to LiveCity Downtown, which will air the program live.

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