An army of locavores are multiplying, pooling resources and banding together to rewrite an old adage: You aren’t what you eat, but who you eat.

Leading a group of homegrown dieters, Jessie Radies is attempting to write a recipe for a local food delivery service, stocked with essentials produced here in the motherland.

“It tastes better, products are more diverse and interesting, and the economic benefits for rural producers make a lot of sense,” she said. “People are concerned about food security. We live in an agricultural province, export a lot of food and don’t actually consume a lot of food grown here.”

Though planning is in its infancy, the Blue Pear restaurateur says the level of interest has been overwhelming since the idea was launched online.

The service, she said, would be ideal for people who can’t make it to fresh markets each week.

“Outside of farmers’ markets, local food in Alberta is pretty much farm-direct,” she said.

The group is seeking feedback on the idea and those interested in taking part, either as consumers or suppliers of locally raised meats and produce.

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