First they took Edmonton, now the Quons are hoping to take Berlin.

Family Restaurant: The Quons chronicles the hilarious behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations of Edmonton’s Quon family, owners of The Lingnan restaurant downtown.

The series was selected for inclusion in the Just Watch Me! Berlin screening room taking place in Germany.

“I’m really excited about being on in Germany,” said manager Miles Quon. “I think Germans really like me. At least I hope so, I love Germans.”

Family Restaurant: The Quons aired originally in February 2009. The series was selected for inclusion in the German television sales event from over 90 submissions and a promotional trailer was screened in front of select buyers and distributors from German television networks.

“It will be interesting to see if German broadcasters are interested in purchasing the show,” said Helen Schmidt, executive producer with Anaïd Productions. “It’s been sold in numerous territories all over the world. Hopefully they’ll find the family very entertaining.”

The Lingnan restaurant has been open in its current location since 1962 and the Quons and Anaïd Productions are contemplating shooting a second season.

“We’re interested as long as people are still interested in seeing us,” Quon said. “But I don’t want us to be recycling old stuff. I just want to make sure we’re still relevant.”

The screening in Berlin has taken place, now the Quons are waiting to find out if German broadcasters are interested in buying their show.

In the meantime, Lingnan will be shutting down for a month starting March 29 for renovations.