Q: Jill, I submitted my resumé about two weeks ago for an internship in marketing and since then I secured an assistant as well as a volunteer position also within the same field.
The catch is I haven’t heard from the first job yet and they don’t know about these two newer positions I recently got. Do I resubmit my resumé with this new information on it or do I just leave it as it is?
— Kristen Robinson
A: Hi Kristen. What great luck you had landing those other two positions — separate from the one you’ve recently applied for! Resubmitting your resumé electronically certainly is not a crime, especially if these two other positions highlight the skills you would need for that job. I say resubmit it.
Be sure to make note of the updated changes in a personal e-mail to whom you initially sent the resumé. You wouldn’t want them to delete it simply assuming you sent a duplicate by accident without noticing the updates.
All that being said, be sure your work schedule for these two new jobs doesn’t conflict with the one you’re still waiting on.
Also, I hope you’ve done your homework and none of these new positions are competing companies! If that’s the case then you can’t include them. You don’t want to give the employers the impression you’ve already got too much on your plate or you haven’t done your company research. Good luck.