In the run-up to Black Friday south of the border, Canada’s retailers are ramping up sales in an attempt to keep Canadian shoppers away from bargains down in the U.S.

The efforts, planned before the biggest U.S. shopping day of the year, are also an attempt to spur recession-weary Canadians into spending their well-hoarded dollars.

And since wary retailers have restricted inventories during the recession, it may just make sense to buy early, since desired stock will be running low well before the traditional post-Christmas sales.

In Canada, retailers have used Black Friday as a reason to launch massive sales and bring forward the holiday shopping season to lure consumers into making earlier-than-planned big purchases for Christmas, analysts say.

Mark Beazley, of the Retail Council of Canada, said Canadian retailers “understand that they are dealing with customers without borders.” Those customers could head south to malls such as the Wal­den Galleria in Buffalo which has heavily publicized its Black Friday sales — door-busting giveaways, two-for-one specials, and savings up to 50 per cent — to attract Canadian shoppers.

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