Retire Your Ride is a program that aims to prevent the release of 1,637,820 kilograms of smog-forming emissions into Ontario’s air by removing 30,330 vehicles from our roads before the program ends March 31, 2011.

Managed and delivered locally by the Clean Air Foundation, Retire Your Ride effectively and efficiently recycles 1995 model year or older vehicles in an environmentally-responsible manner. This national initiative is an effort to improve air quality and encourage the use of sustainable transportation.

Seventy-five per cent of an average car’s content by weight can be recycled: All cars retired through Retire Your Ride are sent to a certified, environmentally-sound recycler, ensuring responsible recycling.

Contact Retire Your Ride at 1-877-773-1996 or log on to Note — vehicles must be “live” (in running condition, as well as registered and insured for the last six months).


Program participants are eligible to receive a number of different rewards, including $300 cash. The Retire Your Ride network is continuously working to add new and improved incentives to its roster.