Details matter, and the layered model suites at Valhalla are proof of that.

The right choice of artwork, accessories and tonal combinations can elevate a suite beyond a simple living space, and designer Alessandro Munge took great care to make sure all elements melded together perfectly in the two-bedroom model suite.

“The suite has tons of layering to it. We didn’t spend a gazillion dollars on a sofa but we spent money on carpeting, artwork and the other eye-popping pieces that are the jewellery of a room that people pay attention to,” Munge said.


Retro glass coffee and dining tables from the 1940s and ’50s feature prominently in both the two-bedroom and one-bedroom model units and Munge used plenty of other chrome and glass details to aid the travel of light throughout each space.

“Glass is transparent and chrome is reflective, those two elements combined keep things super light and airy. There’s just an openness that’s created in a space like that,” Munge said.

For the colour palette, Munge kept finishes mostly monochromatic with a focus on natural wood and off-white tones for a look that feels warm and comfortable.

The den in the one-bedroom unit has a cosy simplicity to it with wall-mounted shelving and slightly warmer tones while the kitchen in the two-bedroom unit has a tastefully modern, European flair with bone lacquer mixed with delicate cherry accents in the cabinetry and feature granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Munge wanted to avoid the trappings of kitchens which steal the limelight so instead he created a space that slips into the background when needed.

“I feel an open-concept kitchen shouldn’t stand out so much — at some point that kitchen wants to disappear so you can focus on the art, the space and your family,” Munge said.

Meet the condo

  • One Valhalla Towns & Condos

  • Builder: Edilcan Development Corporation

  • Location: Etobicoke


  • 416-233-5554

  • Condo suites from the mid-$200,000s, 1,250-1,450 sq. ft. townhomes from under $400,000.

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