The ineffable cool and razor-sharp stylings of international TV hit Mad Men reminded the world just what a classic era the 1950s and 1960s was.

But for a certain type of person this came as no surprise. They are known as ‘retro wives’ and they cherish the old times, the colorful houses, black and white TVs, the outlandish cars, and values most 21st century women would see as, well, mad.

Joanne Massey (aka Lola Lamour) lives in Birmingham, north-west England, in a house that resembles a 1950s time capsule, with a black and white TV, stone fireplace, over-bright decoration and posters of old films.

“Everything modern just seems bland to me in comparison. I couldn't imagine driving anything but my Ford Anglia,” she said in a blog dedicated to people known as “timewarpians.”

She takes pride in being an “old-school housewife”, cooking for her husband, Kevin, and keeping the house immaculate.

But Massey also holds three demanding jobs, including a successful singing career performing in wartime events across the country almost every weekend.

“When I was young, I would watch all the old stars singing in the movies and dreaming that I could be like that one day,” said the timewarpian.

Massey is not alone in her quest for the old days.

Carmen Johnson is a retro artist and journalist who has been following the lives of people like Massey for years. She grew up in Miami in the 1970s but wishes she could have lived through the 1950s.

“I feel I was born in the wrong time. I like the ’70s but not as much as the ’40s and the ’50s, I love the elegance, the fashion and the music. But retro living is not only exterior but about old-school values. This world that we live in, everything is hectic, everything is in a rush and people stop having that communication with each other,” she told Metro.

Johnson dresses vintage most of the time. Her website called features everything from shopping tips to home cleaning advice and ideas to find the perfect job — all in 1940s and 1950s style.

The artist says the thing people ask her the most is how retro wives live without today’s technology but most believe it is possible to combine the old and the new.

“I find that most retro wives need technology. I spoke to this woman who lives like in the 1940s but she has a computer and buys her retro things on eBay. Some say they hide certain electronics because they don’t combine well with the rest of the décor.”