With winter sneaking up, flying away to South America seems like a perfect idea, and for one Swainson hawk, it may actually make it there this year.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton (WRSE) re-released a Swainson back into the wild yesterday at the Strathcona Science Park after returning to the centre after being injured.

“It is hard to say what kind of trouble he got himself in,” said Stephanie May, animal care manager with WRSE.

The bird reappeared to WRSE after only a couple months of being initially released and appeared to have possibly flown into an electric fence.

“This was definitely a special case — we have never seen one come back this quickly,” said May.

The bird was put on cage rest, fattened back up and after a few test flights, it was ready to join the rest of the birds for migration.

This hawk was first admitted to WRSE as a baby along with three others.