PAMPLONA, Spain (Reuters) - A young man was given hospital treatment for a head injury after taking part in a bull run on Tuesday through the narrow streets of Pamplona, northern Spain, though none of the hundreds of runners who took part in the festival was gored.

The run, on the fifth day of the San Fermin festival which draws thousands of tourists, featured six of the most feared specially-bred fighting bulls and was the quickest yet in 2017, lasting just over two minutes.

The bulls run alongside six steers, or castrated bulls, chasing people dressed in white with red neckerchiefs through the streets into the town's bullring. Later in the day they will be killed in a bullfight.

Runners are often injured when they trip up or barge into each other in the crammed streets of Pamplona.


The San Fermin festival dates back to the Middle Ages and has religious origins. Participants still chant to an image of the saint and ask for his blessing before the run, which starts at 8 o'clock.

(Reporting by Susana Vera,; Writing by Sarah White,; Editing by Richard Balmforth)

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