LJUBLJANA (Reuters) - European Central Bank policymakers need more economic evidence before they decide whether and how to reduce their unprecedented monetary stimulus, ECB rate-setter Bostjan Jazbec said on Thursday.


"We are still closely monitoring all developments, which are clearly going the way we expected," Jazbec, the Slovenian representative on the ECB Governing Board, said in response to a question about the bank cutting its bond purchases.


"The timing for the decision (on reducing bond purchases) has been postponed mainly because developments are in our view still not confirming the decision which will inevitably follow. However, we need more data and more confirmation that what we are doing is in line with fulfilling our mandate."


He added that the strong euro was a "a reflection of the robustness of growth development" in the euro zone.


(Reporting By Francesco Canepa and Marja Novak; Editing by Gareth Jones)