Style by Jury Makeover

Tammy Meadows before her Style By Jury makeover, left, and afterwards.

What’s your first impression of Tammy Meadows?


The first thing the jury on Style By Jury noticed was her terrible teeth — the result of two difficult pregnancies. They saw her looking lost in a big, baggy T-shirt and ill-fitting jeans. They also saw a woman hiding from her own smile … a woman with owlish glasses and neglected hair, who looked like she was carrying the weight of the world.

Tammy is a 27-year-old single mother of two young boys. She wants a job as a homecare worker, but her appearance and lack of confidence have put the brakes on her job prospects.

But the verdict isn’t all bad. Tammy has the body of a runway model with beautiful cheekbones, and large expressive eyes.

When our wardrobe stylist, David Clemmer, checked out her closet he found nothing but jeans and T-shirts, and all of them were too big for her. Tammy thought because she was tall and skinny, she needed the oversize clothes to camouflage her lanky body.

David quickly set her straight with this tip: tall skinny women in oversize clothes actually look scrawnier. They should get outfits that follow their figure. And if it has to be T-shirts, then pick heavy-weight cotton tops that are form fitting.

Tammy’s hair was the next challenge. She usually keeps it in a ponytail. She says she usually gets her hair cut by her mom or brother’s girlfriend. Our hair stylist, Johnny Cupello was outraged.

“Why would you let anyone who’s not a professional cut your hair?” He gave Tammy a young, sophisticated look. He kept her hair short to frame her beautiful cheekbones, and gave her highlights in honey and copper to complement her skin tone.

Then it was off to see our make-up artist, Korby Banner. For him it was all about Tammy’s eyes, lips and cheekbones. He created a unique look for her by using a warm base concealer under the eye, and setting it with a tinted bronzy powder. And to get a soft romantic effect, Korby likes to use a little wedge brush with eye shadow to define the eye instead of a liquid or a pencil which can look harsh.

The last stop in Tammy’s makeover journey was to our dentists, Dr. Charkiw and Dr. Afsar. They took her teeth from before to after with a new dental bridge and 12 exquisite Pro-Art dental veneers.

Then it was back for Round 2 with the jury. What would they say this time? And what would Tammy say when she discovered we had secretly invited her mother to join them?

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