Just because summer is an indication that school is ending, that doesn’t mean students should give up learning about science.

The number of science programs is as varied as the animal kingdom. From taking an in-depth look at the prehistoric world of dinosaurs to exploring the mysteries of deep space, there are summer science programs offered for whatever your interest and whatever your age.

Science class may not be every elementary school student’s favourite class, especially when they are learning from books rather than hands-on experience.

That’s where summer science camps come in: They offer kids new and exciting ways to explore the tantalizing world of science.

These camps open up the possibility for kids and teens to learn about the environment, technology, palaeontology, outer space, and a plethora of other areas of scientific investigation and innovation.

“We have seen increasing popularity over the years,” said Lisa Polley, youth program co-ordinator at Telus World of Science. “We are offering what the community is looking for with new and exciting things.”

With an increase in the enrolment numbers for these programs, there are plans to build a new science centre for 2011. This will allow Telus to open their doors to even more eager young scientists. Starting with groups as young as five, the Telus World of Science offers six separate programs for a variety of age groups.

For a more prehistoric look into the science world, EnCana Badlands Science Camp — which is sponsored by the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller — offers a week-long overnight program for children and teenagers between the ages of nine and 15, but also offers four-day family trips.

Offering kids a fun environment in which to learn about science and the effects it has on the planet is an innovative way of keeping them learning over the summer months. Who knows, maybe one of the programs will lead to the discovery of the next Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein.

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