Mayor Dave Bronconnier requested a review of the city’s 911 service yesterday, and the man behind the appeal for changes says he couldn’t be happier.

John Dooks, president of the Calgary Police Association, wrote a letter earlier this week to the police chief, police commission and mayor, raising concerns about “chronic safety issues” at the Public Safety Communications centre.

“I’m not surprised he asked for a review and I am very pleased and excited he did it so quickly.

I know the mayor and the police chief hold the safety of our officers and the public as the highest priority,” Dooks said.

Most recently, Dooks highlighted the fact that it took paramedics at least 13 minutes last week to reach the downtown Calgary office where an officer was stabbed, after 911 dispatchers struggled to confirm the exact address.

The PSC centre was created by merging police, fire and ambulance dispatch systems in 2006, and dispatchers handle all emergency and non-emergency calls in Calgary.