Premier Darrell Dexter said he is “open to” the idea of a review into MLAs’ pension plan, but isn’t about to order one any time soon.

Dexter told reporters Thursday a review is part of the province’s overall “back to balance” strategy. But he refused to say when a review would take place.

“That’s not something you can snap your fingers and make a decision about,” Dexter said.

“We have a process, over the next three or four years, to look at how we get back to balance. Part of that, I believe, should be some kind of a review of the pension plan as well.”

Dexter’s comments came in the wake of a Canadian Taxpayers Federation report, which stated this week Nova Scotia taxpayers contribute $22 to the plan for every $1 from MLAs.

Dexter questioned whether “political people” should be involved in issues of remuneration for politicians, citing the need for an independent inquiry into such questions.

But he may also be referring to newly minted CTF Atlantic director Kevin Lacey, who managed Premier Rodney MacDonald’s campaign in the last election.