Calgary officials are hoping that by looking to other cities, they can find ways to prevent debris from falling at downtown construction sites before anyone else is hurt.

The city continues to investigate the latest incident at Eighth Avenue Place Tower, where on Tuesday a piece of construction debris fell and hit a parked SUV. Meanwhile, it is currently in the process of a review to find solutions to the issue.

Calgary’s senior special project co-ordinator said the city is looking at different options to prevent future incidents.

“We’ve looked to see how other jurisdictions are dealing with it,” said Marco Civitarese, noting clear direction should come in the next six months.

Civitarese said one possible solution may be shrouding, which would involve encompassing a building from head to toe to catch debris.

Meanwhile, EllisDon is complying with a stop-work notice put in place by the city yesterday, according to Civitarese.

“We’re still looking into the hows and the whys (of that incident),” he said.