Queens Of The Stone Age

Album: Era Vulgaris

Label: Interscope/Universal

Release Date: June 12

**** (out of 5)


Queens of the Stone Age have really “seized the day” and slightly expanded their horizons with Era Vulgaris.


Josh Homme & Co. have translated this Latin phrase for “the common era” into a hard rock record with a Blade Runner-like aura of industrial intricacy. The Queens’ traditional buzz-saw riff and bass combo has been fuzzed-out and electrocuted; resulting in a densely layered mash that never sounds dull nor lacks range. As exemplified by the hypnotic robot-rock of Turning On The Screw, and the assembly-line boogie of Misfit Love, Homme’s various falsettos always temper and complement the heavy machine vibe. For some, the muscular shrill throughout most of the record may not be tuneful enough — but for hard-rawk aficionados, this should prove to be a kick-ass revision.