The University of B.C. is offering $50,000 for the safe recovery of 12 pieces by famed Haida artist Bill Reid stolen this weekend from the Museum of Anthropology.

RCMP have sent descriptions of the items to other Canadian police agencies and have alerted Interpol in case the items are sold overseas.

“We’re reaching out to everyone that we can,” RCMP Const. Annie Linteau said yesterday, adding police are also appealing to pawnshops in case someone tries to fence the jewelry instead of melting it down.


The 12 pieces, 11 of which were gold, were stolen Friday night or Saturday morning from a display case in the museum’s Bill Reid Rotunda.

The value of the pieces is estimated at $2 million. The gold is worth $15,392.

Among the items, created between 1955 and 1971, is a gold box with an eagle.

Karen Duffek, curator of art at the museum, said the box is one of three created by Reid. The others are housed at the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Royal B.C. Museum.

“It shows the epitome of his goldsmithing techniques,” said Duffek, who has penned two books on Reid’s art. “It’s a totally irreplaceable and phenomenal work.”

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