Edmonton Rush fans will get their lacrosse fix with the team’s sixth season on the horizon.

Northlands President Richard Andersen met yesterday morning at Rexall Place with Rush owner Bruce Urban and team president Gord Sawyer to announce the renewal of the contract for another five years.

“Edmonton embraced us, year No. 1. It’s been a fantastic five years,” Urban said.

“The Northlands Group was very kind to us. Our goal for the next five years of course is to be community-oriented but we also want to bring a championship to Edmonton.”

The Rush also unveiled a new jersey, with an oil rig incorporated into the design. Cindy Ady, Alberta’s minister of tourism, parks and recreation, was also present to give her thoughts on the new design.

“To have the Rush as an ambassador for this province, proudly wearing it on the jersey, I think that’s a great thing,” she said.

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