With its quality education and abundant knowledge-based job opportunities, Richmond Hill is among six Canadian cities that are the best at attracting new residents, says the Conference Board of Canada.

Richmond Hill’s winning attributes include solid economic performance, a diverse and well-educated workforce, low crime rates and an attractive quality of life, said the 120-page report, released yesterday.

The report, entitled City Magnets, analyzes what makes Canadian cities attractive to skilled workers and mobile populations — those that come from other countries or provinces and cities within Canada.

Richmond Hill, Ottawa and Waterloo are the only cities in Ontario making the “A” list, along with Calgary, St. John’s and Vancouver. They are followed by 14 cities in the “B” list, including Toronto, Mark­ham, Vaughan, Oakville, Kingston and Guelph.

Winnipeg, Hamilton, Montreal and Mississauga received “C” grades overall.