Rick Hansen, Canada’s Man in Motion, is one of several high-profile speakers at Free the Children’s We Day in Vancouver on Friday.

The former Paralympian will be talking to guests about overcoming obstacles in life.

Metro asked We Day co-founder Craig Kielburger what disadvantaged youth can learn about overcoming their own hurdles.

How do children who have to deal with poverty and sickness early in life compete or even keep up with their more affluent peers?

“We live in a world where MBA (equates to) BMW. It’s an attractive notion, for sure, but it’s also a pretty narrow definition of success.

“When I think of success, I think of my friend Jackson.

“He was born into a large family in rural Kenya with nine sisters and 12 brothers. When he got the opportunity to go to school and train as a Masai warrior, he proved adept in everything from math or business to animal rearing and hunting.”