Rick Mercer’s soon-to-be televised date with Wildrose Alliance Leader Danielle Smith didn’t end without a little lip-locking, he admitted to Metro after taping in Edmonton last week.

While he stood idly by, she smooched a California sea lion.

Mercer could think of no better spot for a first date in the capital city than West Edmonton Mall, where the pair went bowling, bounced on a trampoline, splashed in the World Waterpark and braved two trips on the Mindbender, he said.

“I was hoping to give her a brain swirl and bring her slightly to the left, but that didn’t happen.”

Though he wouldn’t comment on her politics, he can attest that after back-to-back rides on the coaster, Smith has an iron stomach.

“She’s a brave girl,” he said.

Portions of the famed Canadian political satirist’s recent trip to Alberta will be packaged and delivered tomorrow night on his CBC show, The Rick Mercer Report.

Highlights, he said, include kick-starting a controlled avalanche by heli-bombing mountains near Jasper with Parks Canada officials.

“It’s the kind of thing you need permission to do,” he said with a laugh. “It was exciting … When you’re aiming at a mountain, you can’t really miss.”

Mercer sightings aren’t uncommon in the 780 and the 403. Out-of-town tapings for the show have occurred more times on Alberta soil than any other province, he said.

Mercer’s perceptions of the province include a sense of individuality, philanthropy and libertarianism.

“Albertans thrive on that independence,” he said.

“They don’t want to bother other people, or be bothered. They don’t really give a sh-t what other people are doing, and I admire that.”

• The show airs tomorrow on CBC Edmonton at 8 p.m.