Loud cellphone talkers, giant backpacks and wet umbrellas on seats are among the top pet peeves Metro readers shared over Twitter.

Elynn Ngu said it drives her nuts when people on the outside seat don’t get up or move when she tries to squeeze by.

Jeetinder Ghataurah said he’s irked by people with loud, annoying ring tones.

“(They) take forever to find the phone so it rings and rings forever.”

Commuters are not the only ones with transit peeves.

Lori Kaake, a transit operator for five years, said bus drivers try, but they can’t answer every question.

“We don’t know specific addresses and … there are so many different buses and not all drivers may be familiar with all the areas. We have a great website for trip planning.”

Transit operator Brian Revel said he wishes that passengers would realize “bus drivers are human too.”

“We do not deliberately run late or leave people behind. We do the best we can given the conditions.”

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