If anyone needs a bodyguard to ride transit these days, it’s TTC chair Adam Giambrone.

Amid a crowd pressed into Bloor Station during Thursday’s rush hour, he was a target of dagger stares and hissed expletives as riders expressed frustrations over a new crowd-control experiment in the system’s most notorious bottleneck.

“Idiot,” one passerby muttered, while another yelled “stupid idea.”

Giambrone, whose height and public profile make him easy to spot, later laughed off a joke about needing a bodyguard, and claimed not to have heard the insults.

But the anger was palpable among more polite riders, who took the opportunity to confront him about why they’re now expected to pay more for lousy service. The frustration, one told him, is there’s a perception TTC employees earn great money, and “when we go ask them for help we’re treated rudely.”

“Absolutely unacceptable, but it’s routine,” the rider said. “The response I get from the complaint line is, ‘There’s nothing we can do about it.’”

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross admitted recent events have created “a perfect storm of frustration” for riders.