TTC commuters upset with Miller

The Better Way quickly became the bitter way during the afternoon rush hour yesterday as transit riders learned budget problems could close routes they’ve relied on for years.


At the Sheppard subway line, some expressed anger with Mayor David Miller, whom they said was using the threat of a Sheppard shutdown to reassert control over councillors after they voted narrowly to delay approval of his two new taxes.


“I think this is Miller acting like a two-year-old after he lost his vote,” said Larry Blackstock, 50.


“Stop spending $10,000 on a paper clip or whatever you’re doing and get the TTC going,” another rider, 39-year-old Patrick Markle, advised the mayor. “There are a lot of less fortunate people who need this (subway line) to get around to the jobs that they have.”


“We’re going backwards instead of forwards,” said Trevor Josephs, 39.

At Victoria Park station, where people waited for the 67 Pharmacy bus — one of 21 routes facing extinction — regulars were outraged.

“This is horrible,” said Souk Mangat, who worried what the closure could mean for her husband, who has knee problems.

“What’s he going to do? Take a cab every day? This is nonsense.”