Transit campaign lauds literary efforts on the go

robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Calgary Transit and Calgary Public Library volunteers, left, rewarded Calgarians James Lambsdown and Yasmin Eltassi with scarfs and bookmarks for reading on the LRT yesterday. The joint campaign encourages transit users to read on their morning ride.

Get Caught Reading this month and the Calgary Public Library and Calgary Transit will reward you for your literary efforts.

Any transit rider "caught" reading or carrying reading materials by the Street Reading Team will receive scarves and magnetic bookmarks as the city celebrates the importance of hitting the books.

"We believe in reading and we think it is a wonderful and positive activity. Most people have had some form of reading materials in their hands," library spokeswoman Ellen Humphrey told Metro at yesterday’s campaign kick off at the City Hall LRT platform.

"In the morning most people read the newspapers and there have been people with books, and school work and people reading work materials. Even people reading text messages count, as long as they are reading."

Transit rider Brenda Rintoul was waiting for the train with a book in her hand and was handed a scarf when she was spotted by the street team.

"I read Christian fiction when I’m riding because this is the only time in the day I get to read at all and I really enjoy it," she said before boarding her train.

Another transit rider and avid Metro reader Beth Bauman enjoys reading the free daily newspapers because, well, they are free.

"I only ride the train for twenty minutes and get through almost the whole paper in that time," Bauman said.

hit the books

  • The Street Reading Team will be out in full force again next Tuesday from 9 to 11 a.m. at the University and SAIT stations and again the following Tuesday at the Rundle station.

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