CALGARY - Legendary rockers Triumph say they're hopeful they can pull together a full North American tour next year.

The trio were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the Juno Awards on Sunday and said afterwards that they've been rehearsing for a couple of shows planned later this year outside of the country.

They play a Swedish rock festival in June and then Tulsa, Oklahoma in July.

"And then, if we don't kill each other and all goes well, maybe next memorial day we'll put a big tour together and go out and do the whole North American thing and see if that works," said frontman Rik Emmett.

Drummer Gil Moore says they haven't had a chance to have a full rehearsal yet because bass player Mike Levine has been in Jamaica.

"We never really had a great work ethic behind the scenes," Moore admitted. "Only when somebody was waving a cheque, saying, 'Why don't you come and play?' And oh, man, we were there."

"We were never big on rehearsing so it will take us a while to get it cranked back up again."

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