By continuing to speak out about Chris Brown’s violent Feb. 8 attack, Rihanna says she is slowly moving past the ugly incident, reports.

“It’s relieving,” the singer, 21, says in the January issue of GQ. “Because it was built up for so long, and all these thoughts and emotions have been running through my mind for the past eight months. And now it’s like I finally get to let go and move on.”

Although she says doesn’t like “talking about it” a lot, “every time I do, it’s better; it’s easier each time.”

She says she finally decided to speak out about the incident because, “I wanted to move on. And I knew that was the only way I could have done it. And I wanted people to move on with me. ’Cause the last big thing they know about me is “that night”. And I don’t want that to be what people define me as.”

Although pal Jay-Z gave her “advice and guidance,” she says “nobody” helped her move past the incident.

“I didn’t really want to be around anybody, for them to stare at me and stuff, and feel sorry for me. So I just — I stayed in the house a lot. Then I started to get cabin fever. I was like, I’m going crazy in here,” says the singer, who just dropped her latest album, Rated R.

Looking back, Rihanna says the biggest lesson she learned is that “love is blind.”

She says the physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain. “The bruises fade away,” she says. “But the thing that stays with you is the emotional scars.”

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