She may be flying high now, but Rihanna has revealed she’s had her fair share of downs in the past, reports.

Especially as far as her love life is concerned.

“I’ve been cheated on,” the singer said. “When I was young my boyfriend was unfaithful, it happens. What did I do? I walked away. If someone does it once he’s going to do it again. I wasn’t in a marriage, you know, so as soon as something like that happens you have to walk away.”

Rihanna has also addressed the issue of her private life since becoming famous, saying: “I don’t have a private life. It’s been hard to adjust to it all. It’s been hard, definitely. But it’s something you just have to deal with.”

While there are people who try to befriend her because she is famous, she says she finds it easy to distinguish between the fakes and her real friends.

“I have a good bull detector,” Rihanna revealed.

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