Snow removal by private contractors on problem secondary and residential streets could come ahead of schedule — but the manager of roads maintenance wants to ensure the project is done right.

Ald. Dale Hodges queried roads maintenance manager Dean Bell, during yesterday’s Land Use Planning and Transportation committee meeting on whether his department could expedite the private contract supplementary snow removal for the spring snowfall.

The initial report to committee indicated the contracts could be awarded for May, with work slated to go ahead the following fall.

Bell said while they may be able to get private contractor snow-clearing proposals back on time to “test-drive” the project in March or April, he’s wary of pushing the process too quickly.

“The last thing we want is to pilot the project and because of a regulation or a safety issue … these are things that will put it to a stop pretty quickly,” Bell said.

Bell said private contractors could provide a valuable service in clearing up transit trouble spots and high collision locations on approximately 500 kilometres of roads in priority three and four areas.