Every week, our friends across the border at Metro Canada send us some of their most intriguing stories. Read on – and click through – to hear about the most sharable news from the Great White North.

rob ford Who will get to play Rob Ford in the upcoming musical?
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1. Video - Open casting for Rob Ford: the musical

Missing the edginess of 1980s NYC? Go north. An open audition – which was, incidentally, color- and gender-blind – was held this week for the lead actor in a Rob Ford fringe production. Highlights included one actor’s rendition of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab and "Bobby Ford": a female version.

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2. French-Canadian McDonalds in trouble after English family gets spiked milkshake

French- and English-speaking Canada sometimes don’t get along – even when it comes to the big unifier of fast food. According to the family, McDonald’s lawyers offered them $1,000, then $3,000 and finally $50,000, when they asked to see a report on the incident. Would you have taken the money?

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3. How Canadian taxpayers inadvertently funded a skin flick

Finally, as part of our series on the ABCs of Canadian film, we reveal something very revealing — a 1990s soft-core film, Bubbles Galore — which needs little further description other than the title — was the benefit of over $100,000 of public taxpayer money. (Sorry, we meant to say it's a "spicy, comic look at the porn business.")

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