ABBOTSFORD, B.C. - The National Parole Board has approved Robert Latimer's bid for an extended leave from his halfway house.

Latimer had requested an unknown amount of time over the five consecutive days per month and up to three days per week he is already authorized to leave his halfway house in British Columbia.

The Saskatchewan farmer is serving a life sentence for second-degree murder in the 1993 death of his severely disabled daughter Tracy, 12.

He was moved to a halfway house in Ottawa last year on day parole and was later transferred to British Columbia.

In its decision dated Sept. 18, the board says extended leave will help Latimer with his "reintegration" into society.

Last month, the board turned down Latimer's request to live on his own during the work week and only stay at a halfway house on weekends.

Latimer, 56, is eligible for full parole in December 2010, but can submit his application a few months before that date.

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