Robert William Pickton is a liar and has questionable tastes in friends, but he is not a killer. That’s what his lawyers will be arguing when his defence team begins the next phase in the accused killer’s trial today.

Defence lawyer Adrian Brooks said the Pickton team is "confident and ready to go" and he anticipates wrapping up their side of the case in three weeks. He has not yet revealed whether Pickton will take the stand.

Peter West, a Toronto defence lawyer, said factors to be weighed include whether Pickton is going to be credible, how he will come across to the jury and the judge, and whether he will withstand cross-examination by the Crown.


Jurors have already seen a videotape of Pickton telling police: "I had one more planned," and the police are "making me more of a mass killer than I am."

To counter that videotape, West said defence could argue the admission was coerced or call in psychiatric evidence that the client would make such a confession even if it was untrue.

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