MLA to seek Vision mayoral nomination





Vancouver-Fairview MLA Gregor Robertson announces yesterday that he is seeking the Vision Vancouver mayoral nomination in November’s civic election.


Gregor Robertson said he will aim to end homelessness and make the city the greenest in the world.

The Vancouver-Fairview New Democrat MLA yesterday announced his bid for the Vision Vancouver mayoral nomination in November’s civic election.

Robertson, co-founder of juice maker Happy Planet, said he was motivated to run after hearing how Darrell Mickasko, a homeless man, died Jan. 31 after he set himself on fire trying to keep warm.

"Parts of our city are in a state of emergency today," Robertson said. "We need a firm and realistic plan that eliminates homelessness.

"Cities like Portland are making progress by setting fixed targets and moving chronically homeless people into permanent housing, not continuing to invest in shelters as the solution."

He wants to get aggressive on affordable housing by bringing together developers, housing activists, families, government and financial institutions to look for solutions.

Robertson also wants to make Vancouver the "greenest" city in the world. He wants to tackle gridlock, pollution and public safety and pledged to end the "divisive" politics of City Hall.

His competition in the nomination race will be parks commissioner Alan De Genova. Coun. Raymond Louie is expected to run as well.

battle for support

  • Vision councillors Tim Stevenson and Heather Deal said yesterday they would support Robertson in his bid.

  • Coun. George Chow said he is remaining neutral for the time being and has yet to throw his support behind any of the candidates.