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Rock out at Stones


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Keith Richards would probably dance on the bar at Stones Place, our columnist writes.

Stones Place

1255 Queen St. W.



Ambience: Proprietor Jerry Stone — himself a huge fan of Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie — has created a meeting place for fellow devotees of the world’s most famous rock band. Stones Place is adorned with memorabilia and photos of, or related to — you guessed it — the Rolling Stones, in a setting that seamlessly blends room for dancing, lounging and prowling. The music varies as widely as party themes throughout the week. Don’t be surprised to hear a set of 1050 CHUM-worthy oldies hits one night, hard rock, soul or R&B on another. A refreshing change, you say? Creativity and originality, not just memorabilia, set Stones Place apart.

Crowd: It may only be rock ’n’ roll, but they like it, like it, yes they do. “They” being the mid-20-somethings that make this Queen West haunt their home on weekends. Some come to pose, but most are friendly and out for a few beers and a good time.

Dress code: Concert-friendly attire will suffice, but you’ll see a mix of clothing from hipsters in their ironic, retro finest, to club kids in their Saturday night uniforms.

Should I dance on the bar?: Hell yeah — Keith would! Or he’d fall off it. Either way, it’s still very rock ’n’ roll.

Will I get lucky?: You have a great chance if you say you once toured with the Stones — but, hopefully, you don’t look like a burned-out roadie.

Best accessory: A Zeppelin T-shirt.

Cocktail du jour: If Keith were in attendance, one would be tempted to list some sort of prescription drug blend, but in this case, beers and mixed drinks should suffice.

Hours: 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday; check website for event listings throughout the week.