chris atchison/metro toronto


Route 365 isn’t the type of bar you’d expect to find at the edge of the club district.


Route 365

365 King St. W.


Ambience: Downtown Toronto has a new rocker bar complete with stripper poles and a DJ that looks like a cross between Motley Crue’s Mick Mars and Alice Cooper! What more could you ask for? While it’s definitely not the type of bar you’d expect to find on the edge of the club district, Route 365 offers a reprieve from the usual hip-hop-dance-classic-rock mix showcased in so many local venues. And for those envisioning a dark, crusty cave of a place perfect for shooting music videos but an embarrassment to mention in your Monday morning weekend club-hop recap, no need to worry — poles aside, the space is far more respectable than other rock venues in the city.

Crowd: The crowd is a bit older, but that could change as word gets out and a younger set, eager for a break from the norm, takes the trip down Route 365 for a bit of nightlife variety.

Dress code: Wear your favourite Iron Maiden T-shirt and rock on! Casual wear also works, but there’s something about seeing iconic mascot Eddie’s face on a shirt that would be so special inside these walls.

Should I dance on the bar? No, but there’s always those poles to ride!

Will I get lucky? With Bon Jovi cranked in the background, how can you go wrong?

Best accessory: Tight black jeans.

Cocktail du jour: Order from the Jagermeister machine or opt for beer — anything goes here that’s not in a martini glass. The Pulse recommends straight shots of Jack Daniels to realize that rock ’n’ roll burned-out-on-the-road, too-many-groupies, haven’t-slept-in-a-month dream to which we all aspire.

Hours: Thursday through Saturday, 10 p.m.-2 a.m.