Must-see TV on Sunday: 60 Minutes. Here’s hoping Mike Wallace, at 89, hasn’t lost his edge because the venerable broadcaster will be interviewing “Rocket” Roger Clemens.

One of the greatest pitchers in MLB history, Clemens will continue to vehemently deny use of performance-enhancing drugs, but his skeptics seem to far out­number those who believe him.

“He’s putting his head in a noose (by appearing with Wallace),” Richard Emery, lawyer for ex-trainer Brian McNamee, told Fox Sports. “He will be lying if he says (McNamee) did not inject him (with steroids). And if he goes on 60 Minutes and lies about Brian, Brian has no choice but to go after him (legally).”


McNamee is quoted in the Mitchell Report as saying he injected Clemens when the two were with the Blue Jays and the New York Yankees.

•Speaking of ex-Jays, Josh Towers has not one, but two, clubs pursuing him, believe it or not. Recently released by the Jays, the pitcher has attracted the attention of both the Colorado Rockies and the San Diego Padres.

Sam Mitchell will be miked up for the Raptors’ game tomorrow night, which means the irascible coach must watch his language, and that might be tough for him. Mitchell often uses four-letter words during games.

Most NBA coaches are irate about the league’s insistence that they wear microphones for TV this season and have complained that their style is being cramped.

•There’s a U.S. college bowl game in Toronto Saturday, in case you haven’t noticed, and it pits Rutgers against Ball State. It won’t be the first time Rutgers coach Greg Schiano will be in Toronto for a brief football stint. He tried out as a linebacker for the Argos in 1988 but was cut in training camp by then-coach Bob O’Billovich.

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