For most drivers, their vehicle is the only place they can take in their favourite music uninterrupted and at full-volume, and automakers are offering audiophiles more premium listening choices than ever.


New car shopping? Here’s a look at three exceptional high-performance stereo systems you may find available in your next ride. Be sure to bring your iPod or favourite CD along for the test-drive.

Used in Lincoln’s luxury models, the THX brand was initially started by maverick filmmaker George Lucas as an effort to bring top-notch audio to movie theatres.


The company has since become a big name in home audio, and they’ve also teamed up with Lincoln to create in-car stereo systems with some serious firepower.


Lincoln shoppers can opt for a THX II Certified 5.1 Surround Sound system in their new ride, where they’ll benefit from discrete 5.1 surround sound playback of DVD-Audio and even DVD movies.

Mark Levinson
Available in Lexus’s premium luxury models, the Mark Levinson stereo system builds on over 30 years of developing high-fidelity audio systems without money as a constraint. Lexus now offers several Mark Levinson stereo systems across their product range. These include the ‘Reference’ surround system, which intends to be the best stereo available in its vehicle class, period.


Found in machines from Volvo, Volkswagen and even Bugatti, Dynaudio stereo systems offer a tremendous combination of power, punch and clarity. Specifically tailored to each application, Dynaudio’s systems are designed in parallel with the vehicle they’re intended for.