Uxbridgians do it more than anyone else. Many never miss an opportunity. Some even get excited about it.

“I like to be a good example to my kids,” explains Jo Erickson.

“You’re not a good citizen if you don’t vote.”

And vote they do, in the town an hour northeast of Toronto. Uxbridge holds top bragging rights to the ballot box, with 49.9 per cent of eligible electors casting votes in the 2006 municipal poll. That’s more than double the dismal 23 per cent in Ajax, the lowest turnout in Durham Region.

Citizens take the political process seriously. And personally.

“They’re spending my money,” lifelong voter Norma Scott says of the mayor and six-member council.

The great-grandmother of three reflects on the bigger political picture: “We have a great country. Look at countries that are fighting for democracy and the privilege of voting.”