Pride Week isn’t all about drag queens and boas, said Ryan MacGrath.

“This shows people another side to gay pride,” said the singer, who is producing the Rockin’ the Gaybourhood music show at Hell’s Kitchen this Friday night.

The event, nicknamed Homos in Hell, is being held as a fundraiser for Pride Week 2008, which takes place in Halifax the week of July 20.


Among the musicians — gay and straight — performing at the event are Pamela Underwater, The Caravan, and songwriter Tanya Davis.

“It’s about having fun and about community,” said Davis, who is about to release a new CD next month.

“I think the night is going to be celebratory and jovial. There are a lot of different artists, different genres playing, so it is going to be eclectic.

“Part of the thing that this event does is shows how diverse and eclectic the queer community is, and like music can be all over the map, the definition of a pride community can be.”

MacGrath will also perform at the event with his band Harlow.

This is his second time being involved in the fundraiser.

He also took part in the first Gaybourhood show, which was held in 2006. While that was fun, he expects this year to be better.

“The event was nice because it was not the usual queer event Halifax is used to. It had an independent feel because it was part of the indie rock scene.

“This year, it will be even more so in that direction.”

Other musicians on the bill include the world-music percussion-based group Zumbini Circus, and female-trio The Ukeladies.

“I have never seen anything like them, because they are doing reggae with ukuleles,” MacGrath said.

“It is a really neat match. Sort of hippie, but not really.” He is also helping to organize music during this year’s Pride festivities and says those events will include a Ceilidh on the Garrison Grounds.

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